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From:  Muhammad J
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  2 July 2016

Tim assisted me in purchasing my first home and made it a very smooth experience for me. He was very knowledgeable and guided me in the right path. Due to my low credit score, I was not able to secure a loan in my name but he suggested I could go for owner finance with TMC Property Solutions and then refinance when my credit gets better, and next thing I know I was a happy homeowner.

They are fair and honest in their dealings and I would strongly recommend them.

Muhammad J

From:  Jonathan and Iris

To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  21 April 2016

Working with TMC Property Solutions was the best decision we made.  Thanks to Tim and his team at TMC Property Solutions, we were able to stop our house from going to foreclosure and damaging our credit.  We had lost our local jobs, accepted a new job out of state, and were in default several months, heading towards foreclosure fast!  We did not want to have a foreclosure on our credit for the next several years.  Tim was able to create a solution and stop the foreclosure the day before the sale date, even though the house needed some minor repairs.  Tim completed everything he said he would and made the process simple and easy to understand.  We are very pleased with TMC Property Solutions and their professionalism for helping us stop our house from foreclosure!

We would highly recommend Tim and TMC Property Solutions for anyone needing to sell their house fast to prevent foreclosure or any other circumstances!

Jonathan & Iris


From:  Bill
To: TMC Property Solutions
Date:  4 March 2016

inherited a property in Granbury Texas and wanted to sell it quick and get the matter resolved. I did not want to have to worry about more costs and expenses.  That’s when I decided to reach out to Tim at TMC Property Solutions.  Thanks to Tim, Erika and his team at TMC Property Solutions, they were able to help me and take over my payments on my house with no hassle.  Tim completed everything he said he would and made the process quick, simple and easy to understand. I am highly satisfied with TMC Property Solutions and their professionalism for helping me get through my situation. I’m also thankful for Tim taking the time to explain the process, which was very simple, for taking the time to answer my questions, and to help support me and my needs.

I would highly recommend TMC Property Solutions for anyone needing to sell a house fast!



From:  Jim and Lee
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  19 Sept 2015

My wife and I purchased our new home recently.  Closing on our new home was a catastrophe, it took 12 weeks!!!  Although this was completely due to the finance company, we did not want to chance another drawn out affair and the thought of making house payments on a home we did not live in until it sold was troubling.  I had seen Tim’s truck from TMC Property Solutions around town so I called him out of the blue.  He quickly responded to me with several offers and we came to an agreement on the spot.  There was always an open line of communication and we were kept updated at all times.  After the first meeting we closed in short order.  I feel that Tim along with the work of his very pleasant team saved us several thousands of dollars that we would have spent on mortgage payments, electricity, water, taxes, etc.

TMC Property Solutions comes highly recommended from us.

Jim and Lee __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

From:  Alberto R
To:  TMC Property Solutions
Date:  15 April 2015

We have worked with TMC Property Solutions on several occasions, and as Realtors, we have seen this company provide real results for buyers and sellers in both conventional and unconventional situations.  When rehabilitating homes for sale, they execute thoughtful, quality workmanship, paying close attention to the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the property.  When confronted with those in difficult financial situations, they work hard to provide innovative solutions to help people accomplish their goal of either selling or buying a home.  Bottom line, they do what they say and always in a professional and honest manner.



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March 19, 2010


re: Liz Konecki,   case #3C85-372%


Enclosed is a letter from the above referenced consumer. This communication is being sent to you as a courtesy. We are not requesting a response from you; however, you may wish to communicate with your consumer as a customer service.

Consumer Compliment:

Tim came out, looked at our parents home, made an offer, took care of all of the details and closed within 4 weeks.  He kept us informed and guided us through the process-title, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

Diana Terry
Dispute Resolution Customer Service Coordinator
[email protected]



From: Randy E
Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 9:44 PM
To: Tim Cook
Subject: RE: Springway POA
To all Military members/home-sellers,
I was stationed at JRB Ft. Worth for 3 years with the Marine Corps until I got orders for
recruiting in 2006.  My wife and I had been trying to sell our home for 6 months before our
move and had no luck.  We considered renting out our home but with being 14 hours away
from Ft Worth that was no longer an option.  I gave Tim a call and in a matter of 3 days our
Housing problem was solved and we no longer had to worry about losing what we worked so
hard for.  Tim had taken care of everything with our home.  Of course we were a little
skeptical at first but we had the freedom to call Tim any time with any questions.  We also
had the ability to check our monthly payments to see that they had been paid on time.  All
payments had been made before or on the due date.
Tim Cook provided excellent and professional service for our home and we had a peace of
mind when we had to PCS.  I know he will  help you and your Family have a peace of mind
as well.
SSgt Randy E
United States Marine Corps 1995-present